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Videoconferencing offers great potential in medicine, but despite decreasing equipment costs, it remains difficult to integrate video communication into health care workflows. This is mainly because current video conferencing deployments rely on staff to schedule patient consultations and clinical resource deployments. Additionally, they are limited in their ability to add in additional clinical resources or patient advocates and typically cannot support real-time requests for urgent care. Traditional videoconferencing systems also lack the call routing and queuing functionality of audio-based communications, and thus do not support the dynamic and mobile nature of healthcare.


SBR Health ResourceManager, a platform to support real-time sourcing and deployment of clinical resources, patient initiated requests for care, ad-hoc collaborative video sessions and prescheduled patient visits. The ResourceManager supports the dynamic nature of healthcare delivery organizations and uniquely solves the problem of how to utilize video communication technologies seamlessly in existing IT and clinical processes so as to facilitate the delivery of care in a more efficient and effective manner.


With a simple, secure and low-cost video visit platform that easily integrates into health delivery workflows and EMRs, our solution supports high rates of provider adoption and clinical efficiency, leading to improved outcomes and reduced cost of care. Let SBR help your organization to transform how you deliver care.

SBR works with hospitals and healthcare systems to enable real-time access to care so patients can get the care they need when they need it most. Contact us now to learn more about what outcomes we might be able to deliver for your organization.