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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke require patients to check in frequently with their primary care providers, specialists and care team members. If ongoing care and support is widely accessible, affordable and easy to use, patients are more likely to remain in management programs to keep their disease in check. Therefore, efficient delivery solutions and greater access to services such as virtual visits are essential for effective chronic disease management. SBR works with hospitals and healthcare systems to enable real-time access to care so patients can get the care they need when they need it most. With a simple, secure and low-cost video visit platform that easily integrates into health delivery workflows and EMRs, our solution supports high rates of provider adoption and clinical efficiency, leading to improved outcomes and reduced cost of care. Contact us today and let SBR help your organization transform how you deliver care.

It's so easy to use, the technology moves to the background and opens up access to care and specialized expertise to anyone regardless of where they are in place or time.

SBR Health Benefits

  • Increase access to medical providers and the frequency of interaction
  • Deliver a triage line for an emergency department to improve accuracy of a patient’s condition
  • Help homecare nurses monitor patients and efficiently schedule home visits
  • Provide a secure system for post-surgical follow-ups
  • Support clinical distance healthcare programs such as providing obstetrical care to inmates
  • Help nurses determine treatment plans for students when the platform is used in rural school nurses’ offices
  • Provide physiotherapists with a way monitor their patients exercises
  • Provide medical assistance to military medics in the field
  • Help doctors asses a stroke victim’s condition at a remote ER or while they are en route to the hospital